ITo ensure the company meets its strategic goals,it has decided to create a customer and market-orientedR&D strategy, with the concept of “production generation, reserve generation, and R&D generation”, and has formulated the following developmentstrategies:
One、Develop a new kind of high value-added additive:

Develop new additive and improve product structure to meet different customer needs. In the spirit of being responsible for the customer, the companyhas actively implementedR&D on new product reserves and has successfully introduced resin-modified resorcinol formaldehyde adhesive product series. The company plans to gradually develop adhesive resin, reinforcing resin, pre-dispersing additivesand other product series to meet customer needs.

Two、Optimize production technology of existing production varieties, develop new energy-saving and environmentally-protective technologies, and solve current environmental protection problems.

With the help of Tianjin University –Kemai Chemical New Material Joint Innovation Center, the companyhas simultaneouslylaunched research on multiple perspectives, such as exploration of reaction mechanism, development of new technological equipment and demonstration of industrialization, and has comprehensively upgraded existing production lines to achieve zero-emission target.

Three、Improve its own industrial chain further and increase development of new technologies for upstream raw materials.

Track industrial policies supported by the country, andpay attention to development of new materials and new fields to develop the company further. In addition, the company plans for vertical extension of its products’industrial chain. Starting from both directions – upstream raw materials and downstream products –the company's product industry chain will be improved and its overall operating efficiency will be increased.